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Welcome to Repro Radio

A monthly podcast by repro scientists for academics, farmers, vets, students, clinicians, industry members and curious minds. #ForTheLoveOfRepro

Production Team


Host & producer

Taylor is a lecturer at The University of Queensland, where she leads the Molecular Animal Reproductive Biology Lab (MARBL). Taylor has a background in sperm proteomics, semen freezing and seminal plasma. She has worked across sheep, mice and humans, and has trouble saying no to any new research project involving sperm.


Host & executive producer

Simon is a Professor at The University of Sydney, where he leads the Animal Reproduction Group (ARGUS). Simon has a background in applied animal reproduction, covering both production animals and wildlife.

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Jess is the McCaughey Senior Research Fellow at The University of Sydney. Jess has worked across both fundamental and applied aspects of reproduction in domestic species and wildlife.


Repro News

Naomi is a trainee andrologist and research assistant at Monash IVF in Sydney. Naomi's research background is in sperm capacitation, lipidomics and flow cytometry in sheep and cattle.


ECR Spotlight

Kelsey is a Lefroy Research Fellow at The University of Western Australia. Kelsey's work has focused on understanding challenges in applied reproduction on a molecular level, particularly focusing on melatonin and phytoestrogens.


Production assistant

Sophie is a PhD student at The University of Sydney in the ARGUS lab. Sophie is passionate about the emerging applications of reproductive technologies in livestock genetics and reproduction.


Production assistant

Maddy is a PhD student at The University of Sydney in the ARGUS lab. Maddy has particular interest in the interaction between assisted reproduction and disease management.

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About Repro Radio

2020 taught us many things, but one thing which really stuck out was how important connection with other people is. As academics, something we especially missed were all the little moments to connect with our colleagues - chats in the hallway, over a cup of coffee, or at a conference.

That's what first planted the seed which grew into Repro Radio; a way to bring us all together, to talk about what really matters - Reproduction. 

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