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Season 3, Episode 7 - Oncofertility

Updated: Nov 1, 2023


All the important links, repro news and guest bios from this month's episode


Associate Professor Karla Hutt

Dr Karla Hutt obtained her PhD from the Australian National University in 2006, where her studies focussed on the establishment and maintenance of the primordial follicle pool during ovarian development. She then undertook her postdoctoral studies at the University of Kansas Medical Center (USA), where she investigated the impact of environmental toxicants on oocyte and embryo quality. In 2008 she returned to Australia and to join Professor Jock Findlay's laboratory at Prince Henry's Institute (now the Hudson Institute of Medical Research).

In 2015 she relocated to Monash University and now leads the Ovarian Biology Laboratory. Her group investigates the role of DNA repair and apoptosis in determining oocyte number and quality, with the aim of i) improving women’s health and fertility during maternal aging and ii) developing new therapeutic strategies to protect female fertility during anti-cancer therapy.


Repro News

Fun Fact

Human sperm are able to deform their bodies in a way that breaks Newtown's third law of motion

Upcoming conferences and abstract deadlines

15th Annual Conference of the Oncofertility Consortium

6th-8th November 2023, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Abstract submissions closed, registration open

SPHERE 2024 Annual Meeting

23rd November 2023, Melbourne, Victoria (hybrid meeting)

50th International Embryo Technology Society Annual Conference

8th-12th January 2024, Denver, Colorado

Abstract submissions closed, registration open

Upcoming training

The Oncofertility Consortium Courses and Workshops

Online resource for oncofertility education

Upcoming awards and grants

Cancer Australia Grants and Funding Opportunities

Parkes Foundation Grants 2024

Applications open in March 2024

ESHRE Grant for Research in Reproductive Medicine

Applications open in January 2024

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