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Season 2, Episode 1 -Sperm and male fertility

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

All the important links, repro news and guest bios from this month's episode


Professor Moira O'Bryan

Prof O’Bryan is a reproductive biologist with expertise in the area of fundamental mechanisms required to produce fertile sperm, the causes of male infertility and the role of sperm structure-function as a driver of evolution. Areas of particular emphasis of her laboratory include the mechanisms of sperm head shaping and cilia/flagellar development and function, genetic causes of human infertility, the importance of epigenetic regulation in male fertility and transgenerational health, and the connection between male fertility and overall health – a concept often referred to as ‘the canary in the coalmine hypothesis’. To achieve these aims, her laboratory uses a range of animal and cell models, high end imaging technologies and suites of biochemical and cell biology approaches.

Prof. O’Bryan is the Dean of Science at the University of Melbourne. She currently sits on the editorial boards of Molecular Human Reproduction, Andrology and PLOS Genetics. She, along with Prof. Rob McLachlan from the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, run the Monash Male Infertility Repository. She is also a past President of the Society of Reproductive Biology and has received numerous awards for her contributions to the field of reproductive biology.

Early Career Researcher Spotlight

Dr Natalie Trigg

Natalie received her Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) (2016) and PhD (2021) from the University of Newcastle, Australia. During her PhD Natalie investigated the impact of paternal environmental exposure on the sperm small RNA profile. Specifically, her research investigated the impact of exposure to the xenobiotic, acrylamide during epididymal transit, on the sperm small RNA profile and how exposure mediates changes in the sperm small RNA profile and the consequences to embryo gene expression. Now as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Natalie’s research focus lies in uncovering the cellular functions of epididymal acquired sperm small RNAs after fertilization.


Repro News

Fun Fact

If you want to learn more about this episode's fun fact, check out the article below:

Upcoming conferences and abstract deadlines

47th American Society of Andrology (ASA) Annual Conference

7th - 10th May 2022, La Jolla, California

Abstracts due 3rd April

11th Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE) 2022

28th April - 1st May 2022 (virtual only)

Abstract submissions are closed, registration open

Reproductive Aging Conference

5th - 9th June 2022, Palm Springs, California

Abstracts due 25th April

Upcoming training

North American Testis Workshop

4th-7th May 2022 (preceding ASA)

Introduction to Equine Reproduction Workshop

2nd - 3rd April 2022, Oakey, QLD

Upcoming awards and grants

SRF Marshall Medal 2022

Nominations due by 30th April 2022

SRF Distinguished Scientist Anne McLaren Award

Nominations due by 30th April 2022

Paper of the month


Can't get enough? Check out these bonus items:

A recent(ish) review on genetic causes of male infertility, and another review on the techniques currently being developed to screen for genetic infertility factors


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