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Season 3, Episode 2 - Pig reproduction

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

All the important links, repro news and guest bios from this month's episode


Mr John Quackenbush

Mr. John Quackenbush is the Chief Commercial Officer at Minitube USA, Inc based in Verona WI. After a 13-year career managing boar studs for Zoltenko Farms in Kansas, John moved to Wisconsin to work in Reproduction Sales. In November of 2015, John led the startup of Minitube USA, in Delavan WI, a subsidiary of Minitube International. In October of 2018, Minitube USA purchased the assets of MOFA Global and moved operations to Verona WI. Since 2018, John has led the Sales and Service teams for Minitube USA, striving to offer the highest quality customer service, products, and consulting to porcine, bovine, equine, canine, ovine and other species, for use in assisted reproduction technologies.


Repro News

Fun Fact

Mother's milk helps baby mouse hearts to develop:

Upcoming conferences and abstract deadlines

SSR 56th Annual Meeting

11th - 14th July 2023, Ottawa, Canada

Abstracts closed, registration open

Australasian Pig Science Association Conference 2023

13th - 16th November 2023, Brisbane, Australia

Abstracts closed, registration open

ESA-SRB 2023

26th - 29th November 2023, Brisbane, Australia

Abstracts open until 25th August 2023

48th Australian Small Animal Veterinarians and Australian Reproduction Veterinarians Conference

7th - 10th August 2023, Gold Coast, Australia

Upcoming training

WinRS Leadership training workshop

13th July 2023, held during SSR Conference in Ottawa, Canada

Upcoming awards and grants

Batterham Memorial Award (Australasian Pig Science Association)

Nominations close 20th September 2023

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships

Applications close 13th September 2023

Paper of the month


Can't get enough? Check out these links for more:

A recent article on the factors impacting semen quality in boars, including boar management and semen handling.

If you want more details on post-cervical AI in the sow, check out this how-to guide from Minitube.


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